august 2014 budget


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Hey friends,

Last month, I said that I was going to drop my budget drastically to make up for extra expenses such as our new car and some improvements around the house. Well, I was doing so well and then BAM, I totally fell off the wagon. I am so bad around bags…especially vintage bags and beautiful leather bags. And then I walked into a small thrift store not really looking at much and then I found a locally made leather tote–and of course I couldn’t leave the store without it…

So here’s what I bought this month:

1. Plaid shirt, thrifted $3.39
2. A whole bunch of vintage coach (and dooney bags), thrifted $85
3. Mill & Bird black and white leather tote (made in USA!!) – $125 (thrifted but PRICEY!)


So there you have it…my goal of only spending $25 was completely blown. BUT I do have a bunch of stuff to consign and a check from ebates in order to make up the difference.

Now it’s your turn…how did you do this month???


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